Hajia Bintu Biography: Age, Family, Wiki, and Net Worth

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In this article, we are going to explore everything you need to know about Hajia Bintu, a Ghanaian Model who displays her curves every time she gets the chance on the media.

Who is Hajia Bintu?

Hajia Bintu is a Ghanaian Model who displays her curves every time she gets the chance and on the media. She is a famous social media influencer, make-up artist, and Tiktok star. She is renowned for having one of the most beautiful real backsides, which she flaunts on social media. She is well known for her twerking videos on Tiktok and her endowed backside.

This has really made her to be one of the most wanted persons in Ghana for lots of well meaning brands. A lot of brands have vied for her to influence their brands considering her high popularity across social media platforms

Hajia Bintu is an entrepreneur who is into a lot of businesses and her sources of income are: selling clothes, waist trainers, signing endorsements and ambassadorial deals and modeling

Wiki Summary

Real Name: Naomi Asiamah
Date of Birth November 30th
Place of Birth: Accra
Nationality: Ghanaian
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Model and Social Media Influencer
Net Worth $100,000


Hajia Bintu whose original name is Naomi Asiamah is an endowed notable model, TikTok celebrity brand influencer, and make-up artist. Hajia Bintu was born and bred in Accra, Ghana on the 30th of November with the year not disclosed.

Furthermore, she had her primary school education in Ghana and she studied Hospitality and graduated from the Koforidua Technical University (KTU). In addition, everyone wonders if Hajia Bintu is a Muslim but no, she was raised in a Christian home which justifies the fact that she is a Christian. She only adopted the name ‘Hajia Bintu’ as a nickname.

The Ghanaian model, Hajia Bintu’s still has her parents alive and they are seemingly doing well in Ghana.


Hajia recently ended her relationship with her lover and is rumored to be in a relationship/affair with Shatta Wale, the self-proclaimed Ghanaian king of dancehall. They’ve been spotted together several times, and he even named one of his songs after her, in which she also played the vixen in the music video. Notwithstanding these rumours by people, neither Hajia Bintu nor Shatta Wale has come out to confirm these claims and at such, keeps everyone in suspense waiting to see how things unfold.

Hajia Bintu: Career

Naomi, also known as Hajia Bintu, owns several businesses, including Nakos Delivery Service and Nakos Collection. She is also a model, make-up artist, and brand influencer. Most people know her as a TikTok star who flaunts her curvy sides on social media. Furthermore, Hajia Bintu rose to prominence after one of her twerking videos went viral on TikTok, which enraged everyone, especially the guys.

She quickly gained more followers on her Instagram and TikTok accounts. Since then, she’s had a lot of people encouraging her and looking forward to many of her videos in which she would always show her massive round backside.

Bintu is one of the consistent stars and worshipped idols in Ghana. In addition, lately, the news of Hajia Bintu’s surgery trended and she has allegedly undergone surgery to enlarge her curves and make her backside more huge after her pictures superfices.

Hajia Bintu is in her twenties though her exact year of birth is yet unknown. On the 4th of September, she signed an endorsement deal with Ghanaian raw virgin hair brand, Odelanya Hair Gallery but the financial detail of the endorsement deal was not made public.

Social Media

To have a look at all her twerking videos, you can connect with Hajia on various social media platforms through the usernames given below.

Instagram: @bintu_hajia
Twitter: @bintuhajia1
Tiktok: @bintu_hajia

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