How To Buy and Sell Websites

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The process of building a website from the scratch or nearly to a stage where it can be sold for hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars is quite an exciting and educating journey. In this article, you will discover how you can buy and sell websites and make consistent profit from doing so.

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What is a website?

Unlike a webpage which is a single document on the web with a unique URL, a website is a collection of related webpages that can be accessed through a single domain name or web address. Websites are often owned by individuals, companies, businesses etc., and it is a great way of sharing information with the audience on a certain theme or topic.

Benefits of owning a website

Listed below is a summary of the several benefits that can be enjoyed from owning a website for businesses.


  • Owning a website for your business or brand would help portray your business as authentic to the minds of your potential customers. Yes, in today’s world where people practically live online, a website offers the same privilege to a business just as an offline address does.

Business/brand availability

  • Also owning a website makes it easier for your business to be accessed quickly by referrals who would most likely want to do a quick search for your content online.
  • Also, it makes it easier for your business to secure new customers even outside business hours as a website is always active. This increases the chances of your business having more sales.

Cost Management

  • Owning a website especially that whose niche is e-commerce can serve as a great way of cutting certain operational costs involved in running a business. Especially costs related to staff wages, space rental etc.
  • Your website can be developed to work as a traditional offline store. You can even include calls to action (CTAs) to aid in effective and prompt customer conversion, showcase products and services you offer with product descriptions etc. This could help you lower your product prices and give you increased opportunity for profit making.

Market reach

  • Market reach is one of the top benefits enjoyed by website owners. Because websites can be accessed anywhere in the world, it is now, possible for businesses to gain potential customers regardless of their geographical location.

Other Benefits

  • Another great benefit of owning a website is the access to the analytical tool feature that comes with the website. The analytic tools will allow you to identify the strength of your business including which location your website obtains traffic from the most, how your customers found you and which service they find more appealing. These consumer insights can go a long way in informing your business advertising strategy to maximise buys.
  • A website offers an opportunity of marketing a business effectively. It allows the addition of promotional videos, images and other target advertising options that customers would find appealing and further engage.

How To Buy And Sell Websites

If you are looking for how to buy and sell websites here are a few tips that can help you become successful in this venture. However, the first thing you should know is that there exist 2 ways in which you can buy and sell websites.

The first method would require you to work as an independent website owner. Here, all you have to do is to offer the service of just creating and designing websites for clients in exchange for an agreed payment. In this method, the client would be the one buying the domain name and hosting, your only job is to ensure the website functionality and appearance is excellent.

The second method by which you can buy and sell a website is known as the flipping method. Website flipping has gained a great deal of populace in recent times. It involves the direct buying of websites which are sold under market value and upgrading their efficiency to resell later at a higher price.

You must be informed that if you choose the website flip method to buy and sell websites, you must be prepared to go the work but it is also very profitable especially if it gets monetized and the traffic it acquires is massive. You can even resell for millions of dollars, and hundreds of website-selling platforms could help you resell at the amount you need. Now, let’s look at some of the online platforms you can buy and sell websites.

Online Platforms To Buy And Sell Websites


Flippa was founded in 2009, since its establishment, over 250,000 websites have been sold with prices ranging from thousands to millions of dollars. Flippa has a flexible design and interface that allows easy navigation while offering a variety of website options for all prices(high, low etc). With Flippa you can sell domain names, blogs, e-commerce stores, apps, SaaS tools, and websites and the asking price and subsequent bids are publicly displayed.

For those looking for an open marketplace that would allow them filter and find the good stuff they need, at flexible charge rates then Flippa is where you should look.

Free Market

Free Market is another popular online platform that allows website selling. Websites of any type can be sold here irrespective of it’s size or level of establishment. To submit a listing is free but you would have to pay commission fees. Trust me, its commission fees are fair.

You can register for an account to begin at

Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers is the next most-talked-about big thing in the website-selling marketplace. It is also one of the trusted platforms that exist for this purpose, and if your website can get a listing here, you are assured of making huge profits as all websites found here are considered legit.

To buy a website here, you would have to register for an account and to submit a form to the empire flippers team(of which your request must be accepted) if you are looking to sell a website.

Other online platforms that support the buying and selling of websites are Motion Invest, Exchange, BuySellEmpire, Sedo etc.,

Final Thoughts

Website selling is a very lucrative business to venture into. Still, it is important to outline the type of website you are looking to buy, consider its pricing, its level of establishment, the monthly profit it makes, its level of traffic and the extent of management it has. Considering these factors will help you get the right and fair deal.

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