How to Check BVN Details Online – Expert Answers

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Bank Verification Number (BVN) is one of the identification system set up by the Central Bank of Nigeria to prevent or reduce illegal financial activity in the country. In this article, we will look at how you can check your BVN online.

What is Bank Verification Number?

The Bank Verification Number is a biometric identification system used by the Central Bank of Nigeria to prevent or reduce illegal financial activity in the country. It is a strong authentication system designed to combat financial fraud in compliance with the Central Bank of Nigeria Act of 1958.

The system works by taking fingerprints and a picture of the customer’s face. The BVN, or Bank Verification Number, is an 11-digit number unique to each individual but is shared by all bank institutions. A bank verification number is necessary to open and operate a bank account in Nigeria.

BVN details are important personal information that was requested during BVN registration. Since the BVN is a structured technique used by the CBN and other financial regulatory bodies in controlling and combating financial crimes, all bank customers must provide personal details, which will be uploaded online during the BVN registration. These details help provide a trace of any financial crime done through a bank account.

Can You Check BVN Details Online?

Yes. There are a lot of ways one can check the BVN details online. This process helps customers identify errors in the details provided and then look for a way of correcting them on time. Most customers are not aware that BVN details can be checked online without the stress of going to the bank. Some of the details one is expected to check online are the BVN’s name, date of birth, phone number, and BVN number.

How to Check my BVN Online

Below are some of the ways one can check their BVN information online:

  • Through the BVN validation portal
  • USSD code

How to Check Bank Verification Number Details Via BVN Validation Portal

NIBSS’s Bank Verification Number Validation Portal was designed to make it easy to retrieve and validate your BVN records online. If you want to check the BVN name, phone number, address, or other BVN records, this process will walk you through the process.

Requirements to View Bank Verification Number Information using the BVN Validation Portal

Yes, you will need to know the BVN and your date of birth to establish that you are the owner of the BVN or have permission to access the information contained therein. Second, you’ll need to have your ATM card on hand to pay the 25NGN service fee.

Having all the above requirements, you can proceed to the steps required to check BVN information on the BVN validation portal. They are as follows:

  • Log in to the NIBSS Bank Verification Number validation portal or click here
  • Input your Bank Verification Number and the date of birth used during registration.
  • Tap the search button.
  • From the listed options, select the preferred means of payment and pay the N25 service charge.
  • After confirming your payment, you will be directed to the page where all your Bank Verification Number details are shown.

How to Check BVN Details Using USSD Code

This is another way of accessing BVN details, but the details one can access through this method are limited. Customers use this method more often as it is easy and fast to get to the requested detail. There is one USSD code generally available to access Bank Verification Number information like the BVN number.

To check BVN details through the USSD code, dial *565*0#. The code should be dialed using the same phone number used in registering the BVN with any financial institution. The USSD code is not restricted to any communication network in Nigeria. All the communication networks in the country use this USSD code to access BVN details.

How to Check my Bank Verification Number Name Online

For many customers, the only way of checking a BVN name is through the customer service unit of the bank. It is important that the full name used during Bank Verification Number registration corresponds with the full name in your account. When there is a significant discrepancy between the names, it will require a change. The only way to know if your BVN name is the same as your bank account is to follow the steps outlined above using the Bank Verification Number Validation portal.

Below are the steps to check the Bank Verification Number name online:

  • Proceed to the BVN validation website
  • Input your bank verification number.
  • Input your date of birth
  • Go through your N25 service charge payment process from the list of options provided
  • After this process, your Bank Verification Number name will be displayed on the page.

Change Your Bank Verification Number Phone Number Online

The number connected to your Bank Verification Number is the Bank Verification Number phone number. It is the number that is entered when you register your Bank Verification Number. Some people have inquired about updating their bank verification number phone number online. Since the CBN instructed every bank to perform a Bank Verification Number for every account, this has been one of the primary issues that some people have encountered.

Reasons Why People Change BVN Phone Number

Here are the reasons most people seek to change their Bank Verification Number phone number:

  • In the event of a lost phone, thereby changing the mobile number.
  • When one feels like leaving a particular mobile network for another.
  • If you are having problems with your network provider regarding the phone number linked to your Bank Verification Number, For example, when your line is barred.
  • When you find it difficult to retrieve your missing SIM card.

Requirements for Changing Your Bank Verification Number Phone Number

Below are the requirements one must have before being able to change the Bank Verification Number phone number:

  • Know your Bank Verification Number Number
  • The name on the Bank Verification Number
  • The Date of Birth used during Bank Verification Number registration
  • National Identification Number
  • Your new mobile number

How to Change my BVN Phone Number Online

One can change the Bank Verification Number phone number online by contacting the bank used in registering the Bank Verification Number. This process involves reaching the customer service unit of the bank through their available channels. The customer service representative will demand some of the details listed above.

The requested information helps to get a clearance and confirmation that you own the account and the identification number. Due to the associated fraud in giving out your important details online, we suggest that people visit the bank to change their Bank Verification Number phone number. To have a faster response, go to the bank branch where you registered your Bank Verification Number.

Importance of Having BVN 

Listed below are some of the benefits of enrolling for the Bank Verification Number. First and foremost, the Bank Verification Number ensures that your account is secure and protected from unwanted access; it is also a trustworthy and approved means of identification across all banks in Nigeria.

Other reasons why Bank Verification Number is important to everyone:

  • It aids in the prevention of identity theft and the reduction of fraud
  • It encourages the standardization of banking operations
  • It increases the banking industry’s ability to find flagged customers.

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