How To Sell Books on Amazon

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Amazon is an online marketplace that allows the selling of a variety of items including books, software, apparel, beauty products, consumer electronics, and many others. There are over 12 million products sold on Amazon, so yes, expanding to Amazon’s marketplace is a good idea. In this article, you will discover a few tips you can use to begin a business that sells books on Amazon.

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Before we begin this guide on how to sell books on Amazon, let’s take a quick look at why you should sell on Amazon.

Quick facts on why you should sell on Amazon

Amazon is the most successful and largest retailer in the Western world.

This implies that selling on Amazon promises to be rewarding for your business both in customer reach as hundreds of millions of potential customers visit the Amazon website daily. Also, Amazon’s customer service experience is the best, so retaining customers of your business is guaranteed.

Low startup funding required

Unlike most businesses which require large amounts of funding upfront, selling on Amazon can be done with little cash. You can decide to start a print-on-demand business here or source inventory from thrift stores etc. the basic tools you need to get started are a computer or smartphone, an internet connection, printer paper, address labels etc. You don’t even need to worry about building a website and logistics, Amazon has done the hard part concerned with website building and product pages, it also covers the delivery and shipping option (FBA program), and who says you have to worry about hiring staff, Amazon has got you covered.

Business Credibility

Amazon has been here for quite a long time, it has built a  good reputation in the minds of buyers. So, if your business is selling on Amazon then making sales is guaranteed as your products will be considered authentic.  In this case, Amazon’s reputation will help run your business to success.

Selling on Amazon has several other benefits including;  You can sell almost anything on Amazon, Amazon offers seller-friendly services, a secure payment channel, and user-friendly tools that effectively support business growth.

Now, let’s look at how you can begin the business of selling books on Amazon

How to sell books on Amazon

The bookselling business is one of the most thriving businesses on Amazon maybe because books was the initial item sold upon its establishment in 1994.  Books on Amazon can be sold as hardcovers, ebooks and paperbacks and it doesn’t matter if you want to list and sell books directly from your store, resell books that have already been read or only list rare books or collectables.  Amazon can help you conveniently and comfortably achieve any of these book-selling options while allowing you to enjoy the numerous benefits that are available for Amazon booksellers.

You can sell books on Amazon by completing the following steps.

Choose the type of books to sell

Choosing the type of book you want to sell is the first step in beginning an online book-selling business. There are several types of books to sell on Amazon including new books, used books, textbooks and books regarded as rare(without ISBN), but the easiest way to sell books on Amazon is by selling books you already have. You can further build your inventory or acquire books by following wholesale channels, buying from local sources and also from auction sales.

Create an Amazon seller account

Now, you know the type of books you want to sell, you should take one step further to acquire your Amazon seller account. You can register for an Amazon seller account and complete the required steps. Amazon would ask that you choose your seller category(individual or professional) which you would have to specify but please keep in mind that each seller category has its unique benefits and fees vary. So, compare the options and choose which works best for your business.

Setup for business

This step requires you to complete the basic procedures necessary to sell books on Amazon.  You will have to decide how you will fulfil your business orders(Amazon has two choices; the merchant fulfilled network and fulfilment by Amazon), your book’s pricing which is usually dependent on the book type and the condition of the book,  and also how you will like your books to be listed on Amazon.

Market and Promote your books

If you’ve completed the steps listed above you can now proceed to promote your bookselling business. Amazon has a variety of promotional tools that you can use to advertise your business to your target audience. It also incorporates free training videos and webinars that would help improve your knowledge of selling and help grow your business. You can also use social media to increase your business exposure and engage your target customers.

Final Thoughts

Amazon has a reputation for being one of the most successful retailers in the Western world, so starting a bookselling business with the help of its platform will be an added advantage to your business. However, regardless of its brand personality, you would also have to do some work if you want to increase the chances of your business success.  Choosing a book genre that sells best and one that is ranked a bestseller and that is in good condition can help your business sell profitably. Fulfilling orders promptly and also monitoring your business performance are also useful tips that you can use.




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