How To Sell On eBay- The Ultimate Beginners Guide

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eBay is a global trading and auction-style company that allows the sale of goods between sellers and third-party buyers.  It is one of the leading e-commerce marketplace that is ranked the second most visited e-commerce website worldwide after Amazon, this milestone is what makes eBay a financially rewarding platform for sellers. If you are new on eBay and is interested in making huge profits for your business then this article is for you. In this article, you will learn authentic ways to sell on eBay and generate massive returns.

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About eBay

eBay is a worldwide online trading and auction company that was established in 1995. It has a reputation for being one of the companies that first created an internet website to enable sellers and buyers of goods and services to engage in economic interactions actively and without hassle.

The primary purpose of eBay is to create economic opportunities for everyone by building pathways that connect millions of buyers and sellers regardless of their location in the world.

Why sell on eBay?

eBay offers several benefits to businesses that sell on its platform but the biggest benefit and reason you should sell on eBay is the market reach(over 180 million active shoppers) and the diverse market it covers(about 190 markets).  As a seller, this means that you would worry less and spend less on methods of marketing and acquiring customers.

Other benefits eBay offers to sellers are;

  • You can sell any kind of product/items
  • It is simple and fast to sell products on eBay. All you have to do is complete the basic procedures which require creating a user store on their portal and creating products for sale with detailed descriptions.
  • eBay has great customer service that is always active and ready to help you fix any problems you might encounter whilst using its service.
  • eBay has a powerful brand identity that will possibly rub off on your identity as a seller. Because there is no barrier to entry of economic activities and it has existed for a long time with trusted results of consumer satisfaction, your business being seen as legit in the eyes of shoppers is guaranteed.
  • It is free to list on eBay.
  • Lastly, selling on eBay is worth the effort!                                                      

How to Sell on eBay

The first thing to do before you can sell on eBay is to choose your business niche and business model. This step is mandatory for every business. After you’ve completed the step stated above you should progress to complete the following steps;

Register on eBay

Registering for an eBay account is the first step in your journey of selling on eBay.  You can get your eBay account by logging in to its website and clicking on the “Signup for an eBay account” tab to get started but you will need an email address to sign up. You can also create an account by using social media platforms like Facebook, and Google, eBay registration can be done on Apple devices too.

After creating your eBay account you can now proceed to register as a seller.  eBay caters for two categories of sellers(Individual and business) of which you will have to choose one and then proceed to create a business account.

The procedures for signing up on eBay and registering to be a seller isn’t difficult, if you carefully follow the steps that it requires and correctly provide the necessary information your seller account can be set up within minutes.

Create a listing

After you have successfully registered as a seller on eBay, you can now create a listing for your products. An eBay listing is a catalogue that allows sellers on eBay to show their products available for sale in the eBay market.

When creating an eBay listing you must keep it simple and use clear images with detailed descriptions about the products you sell and their pricing of which you should consider making it flexible and fair to your potential customers.  Creating a listing that buyers will find attractive should be a priority, if necessary include videos to make it more informative.

You can create an eBay listing by tapping on the “create listing” icon located on the Seller Hub Listings bar.  Select the “Single listing” option displayed on the drop-down menu and click on “Create your listing” to successfully create one.  You can also create multiple listings on eBay by using the Bulk listing tool. The latter is mostly preferred by sellers who want to actively run several listings simultaneously and efficiently.

An eBay listing also requires information on the choice of shipping, payment methods, selling preferences etc. You should endeavour to fill out all the necessary details needed to help you obtain the best-selling experience.

Update your Listing with Necessary Details

Now, that you have created your listing and updated it with the necessary details, the other thing you should do that would get you one step closer to the business journey of selling on eBay, is check out for errors and preview your listing. A preview will help you see what your listing will look like to buyers, if not satisfied with what you see, you can adjustments where necessary.

After you have previewed it and you consider it okay, you can now click on “List it” to get it updated to eBay’s wider audience.

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