Isha Blaaker Biography, Age, Career, and Net worth

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In this article, we are going to explore everything you need to know about Isha Blaaker.

Isha Blaaker: Biography

Isha Blaaker is a South American actor and model that has walked the runway of multiple fashion houses including the former New York fashion week and has been captured by awesome photographers like Toni Simalagic.

While doing his internship, a designer scout noticed him, and afterward, he was signed by max models and appeared in seven tribes, Azarenka and Bijenkorf. Before proceeding let’s go through Isha Blaaker biography, relationship, family, net worth, career, age, and other facts about him. First, let’s take a look at his profile summary.

Isha Blaaker: Age

For every 21st day of May,  he gets to celebrate his new age as of the time of this article is  34 years old and his zodiac sign is Gemini.

Wiki Summary:

Name Isha Blaaker
Date of birth May 21st, 1988
Age 34 years
Networth 3 to 5 million dollars (Estimate)
Nationality South American
Height 6’1”
Weight 87kg
Career Actor
Eye color Dark brown
Hair color Blonde
Zodiac sign Gemini
Twitter @Ishablaaker
Facebook Isha Blaaker
Instagram @ishablaaker

Who is Isha Blaaker?

Isha Blaaker was born on 21st May 1988 in Paramaribo, Suriname and as time went on his family had to relocate to Holland where he grew up.

Isha Blaaker is a South American model who has featured in different publications as well as worked on various runways. Apart from modeling he is a kickboxer and has gathered a broad fan base on his then YouTube channel known as “the charming boxer”.

He has also been recognized as an actor after he played the role of a gay in Madea’s movie.


After graduating from law school, Isha Blaaker worked as an attorney in Holland before he later Started his career as a model he signed under max models and he has appeared in different magazines like seven tribes, Azarenka, and Bijenkorf as a model.

He has been on different runways including the New York fashion week and has also worked with famous photographers like Toni Smailagic. In 2019 he was part of the cast of the TV series DMF in which he played the role of Michael. In 2020 he also played the role of Anton in Red Riding Hoods and that same year he was cast as Nate in the TV series The Flight Attendant. In 2022 he was cast as Davi in Tyler Perry’s a Madea homecoming.

He is an actor, model, and kickboxer and he has been able to balance all his Career and made excellent performances in each of his fields. He covered the April 2022 Kolor Magazine.


Isha Blaaker has a sister who is also into modeling, her name is Noa Blankaa and she has signed with IMG models worldwide, he also has a big brother he calls Bon Bon. We have just a little information about his family as we cannot access any details about his parents.

 Movies and TV shows 

  • DNA
  • The Flight Attendants (2020)
  • Red Riding Hood (2021)
  • Tyler Perry’s a Madea homecoming (2022)

Net worth

Isha Blaaker through his modeling, acting, as well as other businesses has gathered an estimated net worth of 3 to 5 million dollars.


He’s a young unmarried man who is yet to disclose if he’s in any relationship or he has decided to keep his relationship life private and probably is not interested in any form of relationship for now, but he is straight when it comes to sexual orientation.

Social Media Handles

You can follow him on different platforms using the attached usernames, he also has a YouTube channel named the charming boxer where he displays his kickboxing skill.

He is also active on Instagram which is @IshaBlaaker with over 85.9 thousand followers while he follows just 1557 and has made over 1423 posts. You can follow him on Twitter and Facebook using his name Isha Blaaker.

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